Yellow Lens

Yellow or Amber lenses are often used in low light situations such as driving at night. Commonly referred to as night driving lenses, they a favorite of motorcyclists who ride without a helmet for wind and debris protection. The color of the lens is effective for reducing glare from oncoming headlights and street lights and they are especially useful for filtering ultraviolet light. In particular yellow lenses filter a high level of ultraviolet blue light, a specific wavelength that is difficult for the eye to process. When blue light enters the eye it scatters, reducing ability to focus. By removing blue light, a yellow lens actually improves focus, enhances contrast and detail. Yellow lenses are commonly used for shooting as they enhance target contrast, as well as protecting the eye from impact.

Average light transmission (amount of light that penetrates the lens) for a yellow or amber lens will range between 25-30%. Compared to sunglass lenses which range between 10-20%, yellow lenses can safely be used indoors.